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Chih-Yin Esther Lu

Lab Manager

Esther Lu received her Master's degree in International Communication at National Cheng-Chi University. With a diverse background of social-science, she possessed a strong interest in human thoughts and behaviours, especially in a naturalistic situation. She aims to explore different social groups in relation to assorted social topics, such as emigration, well-being, moral values epidemiology, and further investigate features or customs along with development of self-construal occurred on both structural and individual level. Outside of her work, she enjoys doing workout, yoga, dancing, watching movies and go traveling in her leisure time.


Pin-Hao Andy Chen

Director  [CV]  [Email]  [Website]

Andy Chen received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology and Social Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. He joined the faculty at NTU as an assistant professor in 2020 at the Department of Psychology. He uses an interdisciplinary approach, combining experimental social psychology and computational methods to gain a better understanding of culture through real-time social interactions. In his free time, he enjoys tasting bubble tea, cooking, and playing basketball.

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