Chih-Yin Esther Lu

Lab Manager

Esther Lu received her Master's degree in International Communication at National Cheng-Chi University. With a diverse background of social-science, she possessed a strong interest in human thoughts and behaviours, especially in a naturalistic situation. Outside of her work, she enjoys doing workout, yoga, dancing, watching movies and go traveling in her leisure time.


Pin-Hao Andy Chen

Director  [CV]  [Email]  [Website]

Andy Chen received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology and Social Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. He joined the faculty at NTU as an assistant professor in 2020 at the Department of Psychology. He uses an interdisciplinary approach, combining experimental social psychology and computational methods to gain a better understanding of culture through real-time social interactions. In his free time, he enjoys tasting bubble tea, cooking, and playing basketball.

Tzu-Jou Avery Yang

Graduate student

Avery Yang received her bachelor’s degree in English at National Taiwan Normal University. She found her interest in psychology when she was studying neurolinguistics in college. Now she aims to study conversation from a social neuroscience perspective. In her free time, she enjoys writing calligraphy, reading poetry, and talking to chatbots.

Kuan-Chih Remi Ting

Graduate student

Remi Ting graduated from National Taiwan University with a major in Psychology. She is interested in using computational tools to study real-life social interactions. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking, eating brunch, and hanging out with friends.

Yi-Jung Lulu Lin

Research assistant

Lulu Lin graduated from National Chung Hsing University with a major in Management of Information Systems. She has a strong interest in data and aims to become a data analyst, using her skill to tackle the real-world problems. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, watching movies and hanging out with friends.

Yu-Chieh Chloe Chen

Undergraduate research assistant

Chloe Chen is a junior undergraduate student with double major in History and Psychology at National Taiwan University. To gain a comprehensive understanding of human beings and their social behaviors, she determines to investigate how social experiences influence people. During her spare time, Chloe enjoys reading, dancing, getting along with dogs, listening to music and hanging out with friends

Feng-Chun Ben Chou

Undergraduate research assistant

Ben Chou is a junior undergraduate student with a major in Physics and minor in Engineering Science at National Taiwan University. He has a great interest in using programming skills for research, such as deep learning and MEG. In his free time, he enjoys playing badminton, reading novel, and watching movies.

Yun-Jie Christina Wu

Undergraduate research assistant

Christina Wu is a junior undergraduate student with a major in Psychology at National Taiwan University. She is interested in social and cognitive psychology, particularly in developing computational models to study context-dependent social behaviors. In her free time, she enjoys taking photos while wandering around different places.

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